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The Department of Biology

  • Immerses you in the study of biology with classroom, laboratory and field work addressing bioethics and stewardship
  • Provides academically rigorous preparation for graduate school in medical fields, biotechnology or environmental science research
  • Both the BA and BS degrees are now offered in Biology (new 2011)—see catalog for details
  • Engages you in careful reflection on the relationship of the life sciences to the Christian faith

You will study the foundational aspects of biology-subcellular, cellular, organismal and ecological-and learn that science is a process understood through research and the clear communication of results. You will be encouraged to get involved in research, practical training and experience either on campus or at cooperative job training  or internships. A secondary education double major is also an option.

All of the biology faculty are active in their own research projects. They look forward to researching and working with you in Gordon's laboratories.

  • Dr. Boorse is co-author on a major environmental science textbook and is the Au Sable Institute representative for Gordon.
  • Dr. Keller studies the impacts of landscape-scale processes on behavior, habitat use, and population declines in migratory songbirds.
  • Dr. Story is developing monoclonal antibodies for use in disease diagnostics using new micro-scale antibody screening tools.
  • Dr. Topp has been using molecular tools to study Lyme disease, and will be continuing his research on the protein Alsin.
  • Dr. Zheng's research focuses on plant biotechnology and crop breeding. He recently presented a paper on genetically modified crops to a bioethics conference entitled Challenging Assumptions - Religious Faith, Genetic Science & Human Dignity.

Gordon College, located only three miles from the Atlantic Ocean, is surrounded by hundreds of acres of protected wetlands, ponds and forests. The campus is also near four major estuaries and its proximity to Boston makes research at businesses, major hospitals and universities accessible. Internship possibilities include:

  • New England Aquarium, Boston, Mass.
  • New England Biolabs, Ipswich, Mass.
  • Trustees of Reservations
  • Boston Museum of Science
  • Harvard Medical School
  • Dana Farber Cancer Research Institute
  • Cell Signaling Technologies, Beverly, Mass. silhouette
  • Parker River Wildlife Refuge, Mass Audobon, NOAA

Time to pack your bags and books…You can choose among many semester, year, short-term or summer abroad programs around the globe through the Global Education Office (GEO). Tuition for the programs is the same as a regular semester or year on campus. Check out some of the many opportunities:

Our students prepare for graduate and professional programs and for the workplace. Graduates have been placed in many areas that make use of their acquired skills that include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical, Vet, Nursing, PA school
  • Biotechnology
  • Healthcare technology
  • Teaching
  • Global non-profits
  • Graduate school

Watch a live feed of a Leopard Gecko in our lab

Dr. Greg Keller, Chair
Department of Biology
Gordon College
Wenham, MA 01984 USA

p: 978.867.4382

Margie Lou Roaf
Division Secretary
p: 978.867.4371

Symbionts found in the gut of termites