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Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum explores the liberal arts and sciences from a Christian perspective. In core courses students and faculty seek to understand and wisely engage creation and the social order. We investigate diverse aspects of the complexity, coherence and beauty of creation. We interact with historic and contemporary cultures, accepting the longstanding Christian call to seek after truth and beauty, to think critically and constructively, to exercise moral discernment, and to develop habits of just and compassionate action. The curriculum encourages the development of a Christian character that manifests itself in informed and redemptive responses to the world and the needs of the global community.

The Core Curriculum seeks to foster:

  • Knowledge of God’s character and purposes as revealed in Scripture and understood in the life of the Church
  • Knowledge and stewardship of the creation in all its complexity, coherence and beauty
  • Understanding of humankind as created, fallen and redeemed, and an appreciation for various perspectives on human nature
  • Understanding of and engagement with global cultures in all their diversity
  • Understanding of diverse ways of knowing about nature, humankind and God, and an ability to draw on multiple disciplinary perspectives when confronting complex problems
  • Development of Christian character, moral discernment and civic responsibility
  • Practice of critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and clear written and oral communication
  • Development of aesthetic sensibilities and practices
  • Habits of physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness