Finding Aids

Note: New finding aids are currently being added. Please check back soon for more.

Documenting the events, people and culture that make Gordon history, the official College Archives collects a wide variety of materials organized across more than fourty record groups. In order to prepare researchers for their visit to the Archives, a number of online finding aids are being made available for selected record groups and sub-groups. Researchers will find that most record groups listed below do not have online finding aids. However, more finding aids are available at our office for on-site visitors. Visitors should make an appointment with archives staff. More information is available on the Visiting the Archives page.

Record Groups

Record group arrangement is primarily based on the administrative organization of the institution. The bulk of the collection resides within record groups 1 - 100. Record Group 240 contains the records of Barrington College (now merged with Gordon), and most photographs can be found in Record Groups 905, 906 and 907.

Manuscript collections are generally in either Record Group 302 or 306, depending on the relationship of the individual to Gordon College. The records of College Presidents, however, are found in Record Group 1, including the manuscripts of founder A. J. Gordon.

RG 1 The Institution   *Includes institution-level serials and other materials generally produced at the top level of the institution.
  Gordon Catalog 
  A. J. Gordon Manuscripts
  Campus, Grounds and Buildings 
  Princemere Estate
RG 3
Gordon College Foundation
RG 5
Board of Trustees
RG 13 Provost's Office
RG 17
Business Management
RG 21
Academic Programs
RG 23
RG 25 Student Development
RG 27 College Planning
RG 29
Student Government
RG 33
Student Life
RG 37
Christian Life
RG 41
RG 42 Communications
RG 43
Alumni and Church Relations
RG 45
RG 47
Financial Aid
RG 49 Computing
RG 55 Archives
RG 59
Gordon Museum Materials
RG 63
Graduate Education Program
RG 65
Graduate Music Program

Record Groups 200 - 299
are set aside for centers, schools and programs associated with Gordon. Most importantly, this section includes the records of Barrington College.

RG 200 Center for Christian Studies
RG 215 Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
RG 225 Reading Center / Center for Language and Learning Disabilities
RG 235 Gordon Summer School
RG 240 Barrington College
RG 250 Gordon in Belize
RG 251 Goron in Boston
RG 252 Gordon in Orvieto
RG 255 Gordon in Lynn

Record Groups 300 - 399 are set aside for manuscript collections (personal papers), public information files on individuals, and materials on external organizations closely related to Gordon.

RG 300 Time Capsules
RG 301 Public Information Files on Gordon Administration, Faculty, Staff and Trustees
RG 302 Personal Papers of Gordon Administration, Faculty, Staff and Trustees
  John Beauregard
  Lloyd G. Carr
  Arthur Hale Gordon
  Ernest Barron Gordon
  John Manning Gordon
  Maria Hale Gordon
  A-Z files
RG 305 Public Information Files on Students and Alumni
RG 306 Personal Papers of Students and Alumni
  Robert Boston Dokes
  Frank Alden Tobey
  Stanley A. Washburn
RG 310 Clarendon Street Baptist Church

Record Groups 900 - 999  Photographs and audio-visual material

RG 905 Photographs - Persons, Groups and Teams
RG 906 Photographs - Places, Equipment and Things
RG 907 Photographs - Events