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Curriculum In Outdoor Education Immersion Semester


The W.I.L.D. Semester in Outdoor Education utilizes a format of "block" classes which provides students an opportunity to focus and interact with one subject at a time. Most courses utilize extensive field opportunities as well as an exciting slate of guest lecturers and experts in the field as well as visits to other adventure programs around New England.

Students earn 16 credits, taking the following courses:

  • OEI 241 - Foundations of Outdoor Education - 4CR
  • OEI 243 - Philosophies and Theories of Outdoor Education and Leadership - 4CR
  • OEI 343 - Expeditionary Training and Wilderness Education Association Certification - 4CR
  • ​OEI 371 - Humans, Nature and Human Nature - 4CR

In addition to the 16 credits, the Immersion Semester provides the following experiences:

  • "Outdoor Leadership" certification from the Wilderness Education Association
  • "Wilderness Advanced First Aid" or "Wilderness First Responder" certification from the Wilderness Medical Associates
  • "Leave No Trace" certification taught by our own LNT master educator
  • AMGA "top-roping anchors" workshop 
  • Level 1 Technical Ropes Course Certification
  • Advanced Facilitation ropes course workshop taught by our own Project Adventure trainer or at a PA site
  • Workshops in various outdoor pursuits which may include sea kayaking, orienteering, mountainbiking, etc.