Engineering Class

3-2 Engineering (BA)

The 3-2 Engineering Program is designed for students who understand that a Christian liberal arts education provides the best possible framework for life in the future regardless of specific vocation, specifically including those students who feel called to the discipline of engineering. We believe this and have implemented a unique 3-2 program that includes significant engineering course preparation, complete with a dedicated engineering lab and extensive development of the skills and tools needed to become successful engineering students and career engineers. Read an overview of our 3-2 Engineering program.

Students attracted to a Christian liberal arts curriculum who are also seriously considering an engineering career may choose to spend three years at Gordon and then transfer to an engineering school for two more years. The student will earn bachelor's degrees from both Gordon and the engineering school.

The following courses are required specifically for 3-2 students:

PHY125 Intro to Engineering      
PHY211 Statics      
PHY328 Strength of Materials OR   PHY261 & PHY262 Intro to Material Science & Lab
CHE111 Principles of Chemistry I      
CPS121 Intro to Programming      


PHY121 & Lab Introductory Physics I
PHY122 & Lab Introductory Physics II
PHY221/MAT221  Mathematical Methods in Physics I
PHY225  Electronics
PHY226 Electronics Lab
PHY283 Modern Physics
PHY284 Modern Physics Lab
PHY293 Mechanics 
PHY294 Mechanics Lab
PHY372 Thermal Physics
PHY391 & PHY392 Junior Seminar I, II
PHY491 & PHY492  Senior Seminar I, II
MAT141 & MAT142 Calculus I, II
MAT223 Calculus III
MAT225 Differential Equations