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Physics (BA)

The B.A. in Physics is part of the physics major.

The Bachelor of Arts in Physics is a four year physics program designed for those who wish to take full advantage of the opportunities offered at Gordon College and the Christian liberal arts tradition. Students pursuing the degree can combine rigorous training in physics with other majors and minors across campus or study abroad programs. 3-2 Engineering students will receive a B.A. degree in Physics upon completion of the program at an accredited engineering institution.

In addition to the required courses listed near the bottom of this page that all physics majors must take, the B.A. in physics also requires:

PHY130  First-Year Physics Seminar  OR PHY125 Introduction to Engineering
PHY355 Quantum Mechanics      


PHY121 & Lab Introductory Physics I
PHY122 & Lab Introductory Physics II
PHY221/MAT221  Mathematical Methods in Physics I
PHY225  Electronics
PHY226 Electronics Lab
PHY283 Modern Physics
PHY284 Modern Physics Lab
PHY293 Mechanics 
PHY294 Mechanics Lab
PHY338 & PHY339 Electric & Magnetic Fields I & Lab
PHY372 Thermal Physics
PHY391 & PHY392 Junior Seminar I, II
PHY491 & PHY492  Senior Seminar I, II
MAT141 & MAT142 Calculus I, II
MAT223 Calculus III
MAT225 Differential Equations