Sibling Program

Sibling Program

Sibling Program Overview

*Please Note: The sibling program is only offered during the FALL Orientation for children ages 2-16.

The Orientation Staff is aware that bringing a student to college can be a momentous event for the entire family, so siblings of new Gordon students are very important to us! We have designed a program during Orientation just for younger brothers and sisters of new Gordon students. 

On the first evening of Orientation (while the parents are meeting with Gordon College faculty for dessert), it is our pleasure to provide a special event just for siblings. Located in the Bennett Center, the Orientation Staff will give siblings a little taste of what Gordon College is like.

Are you a brother or sister?

If you are a younger brother or sister, we would encourage you to consider joining us on Orientation Friday in the Bennett Athletic Center and on Orientation Saturday from 1:30–3:30 p.m. on the Quad. There you will be greeted by O-Staffers who are excited to share with you a small portion of Gordon College. You will have the opportunity to try to tackle the rock gym, shoot some hoops, hit around a volleyball or just hang out with a game of cards. Come join us for some well-deserved fun!