Field Practicum Orientation

When: The Orientation takes place during the first week of the semester, usually in lieu of your field seminar class that week.

For Whom: All students must attend with their field instructors

How Long:
Approximately one hour and a half

Purpose: So students and field instructors get to know each other better, hear the same message regarding program expectations and roles, and both students and supervisors have an opportunity to ask questions.

Benefits for Field Instructors: Continuing Education Credits Provided (CEUs)
                                                   Field Instructor Handbook Provided
                                                   Opportunity to network with other field instructors

Some of the Topics Covered at The Orientation:
             Gordon’s SW Program (classes you have taken, etc)
             Senior Field Practicum in a generalist, undergrad program
             CSWE accreditation
             The Role of the Field Instructor: Orienting, Instructing, Supervising, Evaluating, Launching
             Teaching/Learning Styles between student and field instructor
             Creating a Learning Contract
             Evaluating and Grading Students in the Field Practicum

What if my field instructor cannot attend? 
All students must attend even if their field supervisor cannot. If appropriate, please ask if your site instructor can send another staff that you might be working with, or their supervisor. If no one from the agency can attend, you will be paired with other students for the student/supervisor activities.

What if I have two supervisors (primary and MSW)? 

Please ensure that both have been invited to attend. It is important for you to discuss with your supervisors who will primarily be responsible for completing your evaluation. In the Orientation we will cover the need for both supervisors to have input, but one must take responsibility for the evaluation process. Make sure you include this detail in your learning contract if you have two supervisors.