Finding a Field Practicum Site


Micro: Directly working with people: children, youth, families, elderly

  • Type of work
    • Case management, counseling, advocacy
  • Examples of Sites
    • Department of Children and Families
    • Group Homes (Mental Health, Correctional, etc)
    • Nursing Homes
    • Domestic Abuse Hotline or Shelter

Mezzo: Working with groups and organizations to support individuals/families

  • Type of work
    • Working with teachers to address student needs
    • Facilitating Parent Education Groups
    • Coordinating discharge planning from a hospital
    • Directing an after school program
    • Coordinating volunteers for a literacy project
    • Housing advocacy
  • Examples of Sites
    • Public Schools including Special Education Cooperatives
    • Social Work Department in a Hospital
    • Youth Agencies
    • Non-profits that partner with community organizations
    • Community Action Programs

Macro: Working with communities and larger structures for social change

  • Type of work
    • Community organizing and building social capital
    • Research and Legislative Advocacy
    • Policy Analysis and Development
    • Prevention Planning and Programming
    • Addressing injustice through faith based initiatives
    • Conflict Mediation and Reconciliation Work
  • Examples of Sites
    • Community Development Corporations (CDCs)
    • Community or State-Wide Coalitions
    • Non-Profits working on Food Distribution, Anti-poverty issues
    • City and Regional Planning Departments
    • Faith- Based Justice Organizations
    • International and local Peace Organizations


U.S. Programs
Cape Ann
North Shore
Boston* - must apply for Urban Program seat with Global Ed (early deadlines)
San Francisco**- must apply for Urban Program seat with Global Ed and submit Westmont Urban Studies program application 6 months in advance

*Students are strongly encouraged to live in Gordon housing in these locations for a full immersion experience in an urban environment.  Plan ahead so you do not make housing commitments that you cannot change for one semester.   

**All students in the Westmont Urban Studies program must live in their housing in San Francisco.  

Students must meet criteria (maturity level, previous experience in another culture, demonstrated capacity for flexibility and adaptability).

Youth development/social capital building in rural or urban settings
Costa Rica
Community based agencies, residential settings for children. Fluency in Spanish required. Residence with host families.
Rural social work with women and micro financing projects working with children in residential settings. Fall Semester recommended due to heat.
Youth work in correctional setting, family service agency. Spring Semester only; residence with host families.
South Africa
Council of Churches, residential settings for children, etc. Spring Semester only. 


To search available Field Practicum Sites, log on to IPT ( Contact for log in information.