Field Practicum Program Description

Field Practicum Program Summary

Expectations of the Field Agency:

  • Interview the potential field student to ensure appropriate match.
  • Attend the Gordon College Field Practicum Orientation with your student within the first two weeks of the placement.
  • Ensure that an orientation to your agency is provided to the student, and appropriate training to step into their role as a social work intern.
  • Engage the student for 400 hours per semester (about 32 hrs per week) in social work practice (generalist model).
  • Provide one hour per week of one to one supervision by a social worker with a BSW or MSW. If this is not possible the social work program will assist you in finding a social worker to provide twice monthly consultation. As the primary supervisor, would still be expected to provide the student with the weekly supervision. 
  • Assist the student, during the first three weeks of the practicum, in establishing a learning contract. Participate in a review of that contract at your agency, with the student and Gordon College faculty within the first month of the field practicum. 
  • Complete a mid-semester written student evaluation.
  • Complete a final student evaluation.Participate in a final review of the learning contract at your agency with the student and the Gordon College faculty within the last two weeks of the field practicum. 
  • Assist the student in developing an "Agency Project" that utilizes some of their research skills and can be a concrete contribution to your agency.  Supervisors will need to provide the necessary time for students to complete this project at their sites. 
  • Address your concerns with the student directly and immediately.  If issues cannot be resolved, contact the faculty to meet with you both.  

Expectations of Gordon College:

  • Provide a weekly practicum seminar for personal and professional reflection during the field practicum (usually Wednesday evenings—6-8 p.m.).
  • Provide assistance to field supervisor and student as needed.
  • Provide an orientation session for all field supervisors and their students within the first two weeks of the field practicum to ensure expectations of the program are clear to both students and supervisors.
  • The faculty will be available to meet with student and field supervisor if concerns/conflicts cannot be resolved between the two.
  • Host a Field Practicum recognition breakfast each spring to honor and thank field supervisors for their service. 
  • Host a yearly Social Work Fair for agencies to promote their practicum placement capacity and meet potential students.

Expectations of Student:  (see Seminar Syllabus for more details)

  • Clarify starting date (within a week of the first day of classes) and orientation date with your supervisor at least two months before starting.
  • Facilitate the learning contract process. Ensure the Learning Contract  reflects the social work program's learning goals, and your particular learning needs. 
  • Attend all weekly practicum seminars and complete weekly assignments.
  • Utilize the group for support and problem solving. 
  • Ensure 400 hours are competed and documented through daily logs that are signed each month by your field supervisor and submitted monthly to the field practicum faculty. Transportation to and from your field practicum site, and non-working lunches cannot be counted toward these hours.  
  • Take responsibility for your learning! Address concerns with your Supervisor right away! Ask your faculty for help if they cannot be resolved. Do not wait! The placement experience goes by quickly.