Social Work Fair

Preparing for Social Work Fair               
February, Spring Semester

The fair is required for all junior social work majors. All social work majors and any student interested in the field of social work are also  invited to attend.

Where: Ken Olson Science Center. Plan to be there a full hour. Watch emails for dates/times           

What for?  
To explore potential field practicum sites. There will be over thirty agencies there. Do not be shy. It is recommended you talk to at least 10 different agency representatives so you get a broad feel for the options out there. Include in your list of ten an organization that you would probably not choose, just to broaden your perspective. You will receive a list of agencies attending a few days before the fair. It will be helpful to choose your 10 ahead of time, Google the organizations to give you some background, and then prepare your questions to ask them. Of course you can be spontaneous and meet with more organizations once you are there. 

If you have completed your research already, and know the three agencies you would like to interview with, bring your calendar along and some representatives may be able to set this up with you at the fair. If you are not that far along, don’t worry. This is a time to explore many options.  
What questions should I ask agency representatives?
Some suggestions are:

  • What are you looking for in a social work intern? What qualities are important?
  • How large is your organization? How many staff? Persons/groups served?
  • Does the agency work with individuals, groups or community organizations? 
  • What do SW field practicum students generally do in your organization?
  • What type of orientation/training do you offer?
  • What types of specific skills would I be able to practice/learn at your organization? What level of responsibilities will a student be able to embrace? 
  • What type of schedule would you need students to work? Nights/days, weekends? Would I have the same schedule each week or is flexibility needed?
  • What do you expect from students? How do you see a student really contributing in the short time they are with your organization?
  • What about supervision? (Our program requires hourly, one on one, weekly meetings to discuss experience.) Who does this and if it is you, what is your approach? What is your teaching style?  
  • How do you interact with the community you serve, and how would I?  
  • What is the name, number and email of the person to contact for an interview?

Alumni Panel: Do not miss it!
A panel of four or five alumni will speak about their Field Practicum experience: strategies for finding the right placement, what to look for in a supervisor when interviewing, strategies in finding the right match for you, and the realities of their actual placement itself. Come prepared with some questions to ask them and don’t be afraid to speak up—if you have a question, others will probably have the same one.  

Social Work Fair