Preparing for an Interview

To request an interview – be persistent!

  • Email first—call if no response in three days
  • Best time to call—between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.
  • Obtain the contact person from our list or call to see who works with students
  • People are difficult to reach, leave a brief message with your number but also say that you will keep trying to reach them. And make sure you call back!
  • When you reach your contact, clearly state what you are looking for, when and if you could come in for an interview
  • Have a number of days and times to suggest for the interview
  • Email when you have your three interviews arranged—give her the agency, contact person, email and phone number
  • If the organization is not on our list, Professor Oleson will also make a phone contact to see if they have any questions about our program

The Interview

  • Dress in a professional manner—not suits/ dresses, but not jeans and T shirts either       
  • Bring a copy of your resume—make sure your current phone and email are on it
  • Bring a copy of our Field Practicum Program Summary
  • Make sure you have researched their organization via their website, talking to other students who have been there so you can ask intelligent questions.
  • Be prepared to answer questions like:
    • Why is it you want to do your field practicum here?
    • What coursework or experiences have you had to prepare you for this?
    • What specifically do you want to learn here?
    • What do you need from our organization? From the site supervisor?
  • You might want to ask questions like:
    • How do you engage students in learning social work practice here?
    • What kinds of activities would I be assigned to?
    • Would you be my supervisor and if not, whom?  
    • If so, what is your teaching style in working with students?
    • What type of an orientation would there be? 
    • What do you imagine as my weekly schedule? Days, evenings, weekends?  
    • I need to be here 32 hours a week, do you have enough work for me?
    • Do you have any questions about myself or the requirements of the Gordon program? How soon can you let me know your decision?  

Interviews – Must be completed before the registration dates for the semester you will be completing field. Students cannot register for Field I and II without a confirmed placement.

Acceptance – Send an email accepting and cc to Professor Oleson. Include the name, email and phone of your supervisor.  Make sure you email or call the other persons you interviewed with immediately to thank them and let them know you have chosen another site.