Linguistics Courses

*LIN200 Introduction to Linguistics (4)
Introduction to major areas of general linguistics, theoretical and applied; studied analytically and in correlation with other disciplines. Fulfills core Human Person theme.

LIN301 Sociolinguistics (4)
Addresses intersection of language and society, exploring ways in which various social groups interact by means of language. Examines language usage in political, religious, ethnic, and gender-related contexts.

LIN302 Semantics and Pragmatics (4)
Examines many ways we convey meaning in language both in abstraction, separate from any contexts, and in specific context. Focus on importance of speech act theory and recent developments.

LIN303 Phonology and Phonetics (4)
Course looks at (and listens to) many different sounds employed by various languages. Includes learning International Phonetic Alphabet and transcribing unfamiliar sounds (phonetics), as well as studying how different sounds contribute to changes in meaning (phonology).

LIN304 Syntax and Morphology (4)
Focuses first on level of word, including inflections and derivations, along with some historical development and etymological applications; unit of sentence including parts of speech, constituents,
phrase structure rules and rules of transformation. Explores structures and principles applicable to languages in general rather than to English alone.

LIN404/ENG404 History of the English Language (4)
Introduces linguistics and evolution of English from its Indo-European roots. Focuses on phonetic, grammatical, and semantic changes in English and analyzes texts in Old, Middle, and Modern English. Prerequisite: ENG211.

LIN471 Research (4)
Research into a topic for honors in linguistics. Oral presentation and defense of thesis, as well as final written paper required. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. 

LIN491 Seminar in Linguistics Topics (4)
Examines specialized topics in language and literature. Designated as repeatable if the topic differs. Prerequisite: substantial completion of major or permission of instructor.

*Fulfills core common or thematic requirement.