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Math Courses

Math Major

Students majoring in mathematics should complete the following courses:

  • MAT141, 142 Calculus I, II
  • MAT223 Calculus III
  • MAT225 Differential Equations
  • MAT231 Transition to Higher Mathematics
  • MAT232 Linear Algebra
  • MAT391 and MAT491 Vocational Seminar and Senior Seminar
  • CPS121 Introduction to Programming
  • PHY121 or NSM202 Introductory Physics I or The Scientific Enterprise

All mathematics majors must also complete sixteen additional credits in mathematics at the 300 level or above, with no grade below C- in any course required for the major. Double majors with Computer Science or others with a special interest may occasionally take MAT 230 Discrete Structures in lieu of MAT 231.

Math Minor

To minor in mathematics a student must complete a minimum of 20 credits of mathematics courses chosen from the list of courses suitable for the major and selected in consultation with the department chair.

Double Major with Education

Students seeking licensure as a teacher must complete all requirements for the mathematics major. In addition, MAT318, 332 and 335 are required for licensure.

Upper-level Courses

Current regularly offered courses at the 300 level include the following:

  • MAT325 Operations Research
  • MAT318 Probability
  • MAT319 (mathematical) Statistics
  • MAT335 Algebraic Structures
  • MAT338 Number Theory
  • MAT353 Real Analysis
  • MAT342 Numerical Analysis
  • MAT332 Geometry

Occasionally offered topics courses have included Chaos and Complexity, Foundations of Mathematics, Complex Variables, Graph Theory and (200-level) Math of Voting and Choice.