Expanded Services

Expansion of the Center will allow clients to access our service by two means:  

  1. Individuals will continue to receive the same quality service the Center has been providing over the past five years; direct 1:1 physical therapy intervention for the treatment of neurological, vestibular and gait and balance disorders by referral from a primary care physician or specialist.  Clients will receive the added benefit of continuing their exercise program in a safe and familiar environment after the completion of direct, physical therapy intervention.

    Research shows the need for individuals to continue an exercise program to maintain the benefits received during therapy and to achieve further progress. "Few factors contribute as much to successful aging as having a physically active lifestyle."

  2. The Center's expanded facility will allow adults age 55 and over to join as a member with the following benefits:
  • Comprehensive, initial one hour evaluation and exercise prescription by a physical therapist to meet the individual's needs and goals
  • Initial facility orientation and exercise program implementation
  • Complete access to all equipment and classes
  • Safe and comfortable environment with knowledgeable staff always available to help 
  • Periodic re-assessments to ensure progress and attainment of individual goals
  • Educational programs and events to support active and healthy aging