Mr. Kurt A. Keilhacker

Appointed: September 2001
Class: 2017

Kurt A. Keilhacker is managing partner at TechFund, a venture capital fund focused on emerging information and clean energy technologies. Prior to the cofounding of TechFund, Kurt was the director of international development for CHIPS and Technologies Inc. (acquired by Intel) and CEO of its Summit Systems subsidiary focused on emerging markets. Previously Kurt was an investment banker in European mergers and acquisitions at Translink, a Swiss corporate finance firm, working successively in its New York, London, Paris and Frankfurt offices.

Mr. Keilhacker has been involved with the founding of a number of TechFund's portfolio companies and has served as chairman or CEO at such Silicon Valley companies as Cobalt Networks, NetMind and Verano. He currently serves on several corporate boards including those of 6Wind and Miyowa. Kurt is a graduate of Wheaton College and holds an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago, an M.L.A. from Stanford University and an M.T.S. from Harvard University.

Kurt Keilhacker