Fall Orientation Parent Schedule

A complete Welcome Week schedule for students and for families will be sent in the summer by email, and posted online. The following is the series of dates for Fall Orientation Welcome Week, and parents and family are welcome on Arrival Day and Family Day!  See January Orientation here.

Pre-Orientation programming

August 20–24 – Fall Pre-season Athletics team arrivals (communicated directly from the Head Coach)

August 23–24 – International Student Arrival and pre-Orientation

Parent & Student Welcome Week programming

August 25 – Arrival Day
Move in, get settled, get connected, get familiar with your environment. Parents and Family have a learning and activity track of their own!

August 26 – Family Day
Discovering new roles as Gordon students and parents of Gordon College students, and celebrating together the start of the College experience.

Continued Student Welcome Week programming

August 27 – Boston Day (Discover worship, friends and the City!)

August 28 – Academic Day (Discover Big Question & Big Ideas and the academic programs and connections needed for success.)

August 29 – Student Life Day (Discover Big Faith, our Big World and living and learning together in this unique Christian community.)

August 30 – Matriculation Day (First day of classes!)

August 31 – Church Connections (find local places of worship and service)

September 1 – President's Reception for Students

September 6 – Ye Olde Scottie Faire – All-campus connections for clubs, organizations, groups and ministries, missions and worship.

If you have additional questions about arrival or accommodations in the area, please contact us at 978.867.4263.