Fall Orientation Parent Schedule

The following schedule lists events for families of New Students during Fall 2016 New Student Orientation. Please note, this is tentative schedule and programming may change. See January Orientation here.

With the exception of designated 'Student' or 'Parent' forums, all programming on Saturday is open to both parents and students. 

10–4 p.m. Welcome Tent open.
Lane Student Center
10–4 p.m.

Center for Technology Services (CTS) is open to assist students in computer setup and other technology needs. Jenks 317

Mail Room is open for locating mailboxes and retrieving mail and packages. Lane Student Center, lower level

Student Financial Services (SFS) is open to assist students with settling their student accounts and related questions. MacDonald Hall

10 –11:30 a.m. Residence Hall Check-In Group 1, for new students currently residing
outside the New England states.
11:30 –1 p.m. Residence Hall Check-In Group 2, for new students currently residing
in the New England states.


4 p.m.

1–6:30 p.m.

Lunch off-campus 

Reception for Transfers Students and their Families 

Parents' Free Time Off campus
Time to settle into hotel, eat dinner off campus, shop, etc. Local maps can be picked up in the Welcome Tent. NOTE: New students are expected to attend the dinner provided for them on the quad. New student programming begins at 5 p.m.

6:30 –8:30 p.m. Sibling Programming and Child Care available Bennett Center
Ages 2-16
6:30 –7:15 p.m. Parents' Dessert Reception Ken Olsen Science Center (KOSC)
Many faculty members and members of the College administration will be in attendance to welcome you into the Gordon community.
7:30 –8:15 p.m. Parents' Welcome Program A. J. Gordon Memorial Chapel

Hosted by President D. Michael and Rebecca Lindsay. 


9 a.m.–
4 p.m.



10 –11:00 a.m.

Center for Technology Services (CTS) is open.
Mail Room is open. 
Campus Connections. KOSC
Local Banking Connections. KOSC
Welcome Tent open. Outside Lane Student Center

Conversations with the President: The Difference Gordon Made in my Life A.J. Gordon Memorial Chapel
Hosted by President D. Michael Lindsay. Dr. Lindsay will be interviewing four Gordon alumni about how their time at Gordon continues to shape their lives.

11:00 –
11:30 p.m.
Campus Forum for Parents A.J. Gordon Memorial Chapel
Representatives from Gordon Police, Student Financial Services, Registrar's Office, the Health Center and the Alumni and Parent Relations Office will conduct a panel discussion with time for Q&A designed to help parents understand their points of contact with the College.
11:30 – 
1:00 p.m.
Family Lunch Outside Lane Student Center
Lunches may be picked up in front of Lane Student Center. New students and their families are invited to eat outdoors or inside Lane Student Center. In the event of rain, lunches may be picked up inside Lane. Lunch is provided free of charge to new students wearing their name tags. Parents may pick up two complimentary lunch tickets at the Welcome Tent, where additional tickets may also be purchased.

1:00 –
1:30 p.m.


Great Gordon Expectations: Transitions for students and families 
Hosted by Jennifer Jukanovich, Vice President for Student Life. This session is designed to help parents and students begin to understand this new stage in their relationship with each other and with the institution. 



1:45 – 2:30 p.m.  Parent Programming Electives I 
  "Introduction to Learning at Gordon" KOSC 109
How can you, as a parent, enter into conversation with your student about what s/he is learning at Gordon? Provost Janel Curry will outline a few key elements of the Gordon experience with which you can engage your student.

"Introduction to Student Employment" KOSC 104
Students planning to work on campus must attend one of these Student Employment sessions.

"Faith and Formation" Jenks 237                                                      
The college years are an extremely important session in the spiritual formation of emerging adults. Tom Haugen, Gordon's Chaplain, and Jennifer Jukanovich, VP for Student Life, will outline elements of the spiritual journey, ways in which Gordon assists students on their way towards spiritual maturity, and some suggestions for how family members can be supportive. 

1:30 – 
3:30 p.m.

Sibling Programming In front of Frost Hall
Ages 2–16.
2:45 – 3:30 p.m.


Parent Programming Electives II See session descriptions above.


3:45 –
4:45 p.m.
Signing Ceremony A. J. Gordon Memorial Chapel
A service of worship, commitment and dedication, honoring students and families before God.
4:45 –
5:30 p.m.
Family Transition Time
Time to say "goodbye" before families leave campus.


If you have additional questions about arrival or accommodations in the area, please contact us at 978.867.4263.