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Membership Application

Physician's Clearance Form


PRICING: (All fees per person)

Gordon College alumni, spouses and dependents* and parents of enrolled Gordon College students:

Gordon Conwell Seminary alumni:

1 year $317
6 months $169
3 months $89
1 month $34

Gordon Conwell Seminary
students, faculty, staff, spouses and dependents* as well as Gordon College Graduate Students:

1 year $186
6 months $99
3 months $53
1 month $21

Gordon College Students: Part-Time and Full-Time

- All registered undergraduate students are free.
- Spouses and additional family members of registered student must pay a one-time $50 fee.

Gordon College Faculty and Staff: Part-Time and Full-Time
- Free Bennett Center membership while employed at Gordon College.
- A one-time $50 joining fee for each family member.
- Adjunct faculty pay $100 family fee per semester.

Guest Fees/One Day Use Fees
- Daily guest (with student ID)…$5
- Daily Guest………………$7.50
- 7 Day Guest Pass………$45
- 10 visit guest pass………$67.50

Guest/Child Policies
- Guests must be accompanied by a member.
- All children under 16 years of age are free and must be accompanied by an adult member.
- Members are only allowed to bring two guests per visit.

Senior Citizens (55 and older)
20% discount off total price

*Dependents must be under 21.

Insurance Reimbursements

Your personal health insurance company may reimburse you for a membership at a health club or a gym. It is usually, though not always, that the insurance company will reimburse you for up to $150. 

If you would like proof of membership and a reimbursement letter from the Bennett Center, please stop by the Front Desk and complete a short request form. The materials will then be mailed to the address put on the order form. Materials are mailed out usually within 72 hours of request. 

For questions or concerns with reimbursements, please email  or call 978.867.4830 and ask to speak to a manager.