Clinical Internships


Clinical internship program
Students often express the desire to put their developing skills into action and to gain some experience that will help them with employment or graduate school after they complete their education at Gordon. The Psychology Department offers to interested junior and senior majors a two semester internship that allows them to gain experience in applying what they have learned. Most students in the internship have sought placements in human services. Typically these students' placements have included probation departments of district and juvenile courts, guidance offices in public and private schools, the victim advocacy program of the local district attorney's office, crisis pregnancy programs, social services departments in nursing homes, assisting a child life specialist in a medical hospital, and day and residential programs for mentally ill and mentally retarded adults. Still others have chosen programs outside the human services such as an advocacy program for immigrants, legal assistant for the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office, fundraising for a non-profit organization, and working as a behavioral specialist for a zoo.

Students spend ten hours per week in placement and meet weekly as a class to reflect on their experiences. We try to accommodate students' interests in the selection of field placements.

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