Faith Integration


Integration of faith and psychology:
The phrase "faith-learning integration" has become something of a cliché at Christian colleges. In the psychology department at Gordon we work hard to realize the reality that lies behind it. Faith and learning are not two separate domains or activities that have to be artificially twisted into some compromise arrangement that is true neither to faith nor to learning. 

Rather, faith and learning are naturally integrated: faith requires learning, and learning requires faith. Our job is to discover the nature of that integration. Integration in this sense derives from the same root idea as integer and integrity. An integer is a whole number, and faith-learning integration is about understanding the wholeness--the unity in diversity--of creation and our place and task in it. Learning about that unity and diversity requires integrity--strength of character; serious, sustained truth seeking; and honest, straightforward living and scholarship.   

Gordon is a community committed to developing students and faculty who are marked by that integrity, who want to live and learn the truth. If we are faithful in our calling to learn together, then we have good reason to hope that we can help repair the broken places in the world.

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