5v5 Rules


5v5 Rules

• Must be submitted on imleagues.com/Gordon by deadline.
• Teams have one week after the first game of the season to adjust their roster.
• Teams may have a max of 2 free agents (players not from the team’s dorm affiliation).
• Gordon-Conwell as well as Staff teams may sign up but will be ineligible for playoffs.
• Seminary students, grad students, teachers and staff members count as free agents (RDs and their spouses are an exception).
• No player can play for more than one team, even if they are in separate leagues.


• Only team captain can bring issues to the referee.
• Teams will receive a score of 1-5 (5 best, 1 worst) for their sportsmanship each game.
• A score of 2 will be reported to the staff and they will speak with the captain (a second score of 2 results in removal from the league).
• A score of 1 will be reported to the staff and Greg Scruton and the captain must meet with them in person (a 1 could result in removal from the league).
• In order to qualify for playoffs, teams must have a 4.5 sportsmanship average.
• Teams with a 4.75 or higher average at the end of the season will receive All-Hall points.

Forfeit Policy:
• Teams are allowed 2 forfeits before being removed from the league and stripped of their All-Hall points
• Please notify Rec-IM through email if you know your team will forfeit ahead of time

Playoff Eligibility:
• Players must play in half of the regular season games to be eligible for playoffs
• Make sure players sign in with their name and ID number so that it will count

• 5 players are allowed to participate for each team at a time
• Each team must have at least 4 players from their roster present to begin play
• Less than 4 players will result in a forfeit
• If a 5th player does not come to play by the start of the 2nd half, the team forfeits the game

• A sub who desires to enter play shall report to an official. Subs shall not occur during play, they will occur during a stoppage of play at the officials consent
• Subs shall remain out of bounds until it is time to enter
• The free throw shooter may only be subbed out after they have made their last free throw unless the shooter is injured and cannot return to the game

The Game:
• Official NCAA rules will be observed with the following exceptions, additions, and clarifications:
• The game will consist of 2 sixteen-minute halves
• The stopwatch will run continuously except for the final 2 minutes of the second half
• Halftime will be five minutes in length or if both teams are ready before that time it can be shorter
• Each team will get 2 timeouts per game. Timeouts are 1 minute long

• If the score is tied at the end of regulation, 3 minute overtime periods will be played until there is a winner at the end. Even with overtime, the game must end within 55 minutes. And for 11:00 games, the Bennett Center closes at midnight. If there is no time left to complete a new overtime period, the game will be a tie
• The stopwatch will run continuously until the final minute of the overtime period
• Each team is allowed 1 one-minute timeout per overtime period, regardless of previously used timeouts

• Each regular basket is worth 2 points, free throws are worth 1 point, and made shots behind the farthest 3-point line are worth 3 points
• Teams are responsible for operating the scoreboard and keeping track of points scored during the games

Personal fouls:
• Although individual fouls are not recorded, if one individual seems to be getting charged with 5 or more fouls, they will be told to sit the rest of the game by the referee
• Referees will keep track of team fouls and at 7 fouls, the opposing team will shoot a one-and-one. After 10 fouls, the opposing team will shoot 2 free throws after every foul. At the end of the game, two intentional fouls will automatically result in either 1 and 1 or two free throws, referees discretion

   o Any non-shooting foul will result in possession going to the team that was fouled
   o Any offensive foul results in disallowing the basket and losing possession
   o Any shooting foul inside the 3 point line will result in 2 free throws if the shot was missed or 1 free throw if the shot was made
   o Any shooting foul outside the 3 point line will result in 3 free throws if the shot was missed or 1 free throw if the shot was made
   o Offensive fouls after the team has reached 7 or 10 fouls will not result in free throws for the other team but these fouls always count towards the total
   o Blocking fouls are illegal personal contact which impedes the progress of an opponent (holding, pushing, moving screen, unsuccessfully trying to draw a charge)
   o Charging fouls are illegal personal contact caused by pushing or moving into an opponent’s torso who has a set defensive position (look for planted feet, a straight torso, and hands within the players on plane)
   o Technical fouls are called at the discretion of the official and result in 2 free throws taken by a player from the non-offending team. The non-offending team also retains possession (can be called on anyone, even bench players)
      - 2 technical fouls in one game is an automatic ejection and Rec-IM is notified
      - 3 technicals in a season results in removal from the league for the individual
      - Offensive language (swearing) results in a technical and sitting out the rest of the half
   o Flagrant fouls are fouls that involve excessive or violent contact that could injure someone
      - Depending on the level decided by the ref, a flagrant foul could result in immediate ejection or 2 less extreme flagrant fouls could result in ejection
      - Flagrant fouls, like technicals, result in 2 free throws and maintaining possession
Non-foul violations (loss of possession):
• Kicking: If any player kicks the ball it is a loss of possession for their team (this does not include if the ball is thrown at a foot that is already in place
• Traveling: If a player holds the ball and moves their pivot foot
• Double dribble: Dribbling with 2 hands or dribbling, holding the ball, and then resuming dribble (if the ball is knocked away by an opponent but the player picks it back up, they may dribble again)
• Carrying: If a player holds the ball in their hand with their palm face up during their dribble
• Three seconds: If an offensive player stays in the paint for more than 3 seconds (if a shot hits the rim the player gets another 3 seconds
• Lane violation:
   o If a defensive player crosses into the paint before the free throw shooter releases the ball, the shooter will get another shot if that shot misses
   o If an offensive player jumps into the paint before the shot is released, the shot will not count if it is made and the defense will obtain possession