Pre Law



Many students from the Political Science department as well as other departments make plans during their time at Gordon to pursue careers in law. Following the recommendations of the American Bar Association and the leading law schools, Gordon does not offer a pre-law major but rather encourages broad, rigorous preparation in the liberal arts.

The Pre-Law Minor at Gordon includes courses that develop the skills necessary for success in law school and beyond, including introductions to the philosophy of law, constitutional law, and background in formal logic and economics. A student from any of Gordon’s majors can complete the Pre-Law minor.

Your pre-law minor advisor will work with you to help you with respect to selection of appropriate law schools and opportunities open to law school graduates. Contact , Department of Political Science, or , Department of Philosophy, for more information.


  • PHI212 Formal Logic
  • LAW217/POL217 American Constitutional Law
  • LAW235/PHI235 Philosophy of Law
  • ECB101 Principles of Microeconomics

Four additional credits determined in consultation with a prelaw advisor. Possible
courses include:

  • ECB311 Intermediate Microeconomics
  • LAW320/ECB320 Business Law
  • LAW392/PSY392 Law and Psychology
  • PHI230 Ethics
  • HIS232, 234 or 237 (American history course, maximum of 4 credits)
  • A law-related internship (2 or 4 credits under Political Studies, Psychology or Economics and Business Departments