Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies

The environmental studies interdepartmental minor focuses on the interactions between human and natural systems, with the objective of preparing students for employment or further studies in areas involving the environment. Contact Dr. Dorothy F. Boorse.


Required Courses/Experiences (6-10 credits):

  • EB307 Environmental Economics
  • NS222 Environmental Science
  • NS425 Environmental Internship

Elective Courses (12 credits, from at least three departments):

  • BY220 Crops and Society
  • EB305 Economic Development
  • NS371 Seminar in Environmental Studies
  • PL213 Ethics
  • PS214 American Domestic Policy
  • PS416 International Political Economy
  • SO335 Social Change and Development
  • SO340 Women and World Development

Off-Campus Experience (variable credits):

Appropriate courses at Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies, American Studies Program or Latin American Studies Program may be substituted for required and elective courses in the program by permission of the program director, Dr. Dorothy F. Boorse.