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Outdoor Education Ministries

Do you enjoy working with youth? Do you love the outdoors? Studying outdoor education ministries will prepare you to channel both interests into ministry. Through a semester-long immersion experience involving a living and learning community, extensive outdoor travel, and fieldwork, you will develop your outdoor leadership skills and deepen your understanding of the historical, cultural, spiritual, moral and environmental dimensions of the wilderness. 

Pursue outdoor education ministries as a concentration in the Christian ministries major, or as a minor (offered through the Kinesiology Department) alongside a different major. 

Why study Christian ministries at Gordon?

Gordon’s Christian ministries faculty are committed to ensuring that you not only study about ministry during your time at Gordon, but that you engage in ministry throughout your college career in preparation for lifelong Christian service. For that reason, all Christian ministries majors complete a 400-hour practicum. And our location in historic Greater Boston opens doors for hands-on experience in unique church and para-church contexts. 

What careers can I pursue in outdoor education ministries?

The outdoor education ministries program will prepare you for a wide range of vocations, including:

  • Outdoor ministry director
  • Christian camp director
  • Wilderness ministry specialist
  • Recreation minister

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Don’t wait until your practicum to begin serving in a local ministry—your classes and assignments will become more relevant and meaningful if you are involved in ministry while learning about its theoretical, philosophical, biblical and theological foundations. Nearly every Christian ministries student is involved in ministry from the time they arrive at Gordon. Join one of Gordon’s many community outreach teams, which include the Kids Club (an after-school tutoring program in downtown Lynn) and the Homeless Ministry (a group that serves the homeless community in nearby Revere every Saturday). 

Global Opportunities

Enlarge your vision of the world that you are preparing to serve, and deepen your understanding of the global church, by studying abroad or participating in a mission trip or international internship:

Related Programs

As a Christian ministries major, you’ll automatically receive a biblical studies minor. You are encouraged to expand your knowledge of Scripture by adding a theology minor, or a double major in biblical studies or any other major that draws your curiosity.


For more information, contact:

Dr. Mark W. Cannister
Chair, Department of Biblical Studies and Christian Ministries

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