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Outdoor Education Courses

Recreation, Sport and Wellness Major

  • RSW115 Foundations of Recreation, Sport and Wellness
  • RSW216 Recreation and Sport Skill Analysis
  • RSW218 Programming and Evaluation in Recreation and Sport
  • RSW318 Recreation and Sport Leadership
  • RSW330 Theories of Play, Games and Sport
  • RSW425 Internship; or a cooperative education field experience
  • RSW471 Research in Recreation, Sport and Wellness
  • RSW492 Theories and Cultural Values
  • PED016 La Vida Wilderness Expeditions (core)
  • PSY201 Psychological Perspectives (core)
  • SOC101 Sociological Perspectives (core)

Choose 4 credits of the following elective psychology or sociology courses:

  • PHI201 Moral Education
  • PSY243 Social Psychology
  • SOC211 Cultural Anthropology
  • SOC220 Marriage and Family
  • SOC221 Power, Prestige and Poverty
  • SOC232 Diversity in U.S. Populations
  • SOC242 Deviance and Social Control
  • SOC290 Urban Sociology
  • SOC333 Sociology of Gender
  • SOC340 Women and World Development
  • SOC345 American Culture

Outdoor Education Concentration / Minor

W.I.L.D. Semester courses:

  • OEI 241 - Foundations of Outdoor Education Credits: 4
  • OEI 243 - Philosophies and Theories of Outdoor Education and Leadership Credits: 4
  • OEI 343 - Expeditionary Training (Wilderness Education Association Certification) Credits: 4
  • OEI 370 - Nature, Humans and Human Nature Credits: 4


  • Completion of OEI 425 Internship in a later semester.