Orientation Mission


New Student Orientation is the first step in providing you a supportive and challenging experience. You will learn more about the College's resources and the people who are here to help you prepare for a successful educational venture. Gordon is blessed with a dedicated community of faculty, staff and students. This community deeply cares about learning within the framework of a Christian worldview, and we look forward to your contribution to this important work. 

The Orientation program is specially designed to give students exposure to all Gordon offers and is required of all incoming students.

The Orientation program will:

  • Encourage growth and ease in a new environment through a process of informing, discovering, experiencing, learning and welcoming

  • Provide accurate information regarding academic expectations as well as an introduction to the academic resources provided to support and promote scholastic achievement

  • Acquaint new students with the people and the programs at Gordon College

  • Introduce new students to a variety of services and resources available on campus and in the surrounding area, including Boston

In addition to these essential yet pragmatic goals, the overarching aim of the program is to embrace all new students as individuals and assist them as they begin to discover their role not only within our community but also ultimately in God's Church and in His world.


Each year the Orientation staff picks a theme or idea that helps to organize all of our programming. Last year we chose "Victory" as our theme. 2014 marked the 125-year anniversary of the college's founding by the Rev. Adoniram Judson Gordon. This word, based on Romans 8:37, became a theme for his life. In honor of him and the college's history, we explored the true meaning of this word.