Office of Community Engagement
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OCE Spring 2011


  • 12 Outreach Teams, 66 students involved, 1376 hours of service

1. My Turn – collaborated on the creation of an art performance with Lynn youth who are working on their GED

2. Food Project – harvested vegetables, helped staff prepare for CSA pick-ups

3. Fellows Farm - planted crops; harvested; recoiled the irrigation drip tape; pulled up plants to be composted; spread seaweed over beds; and pressed fresh apple cider!

4. Briarcliff – visited senior adults: playing trivia games, participating in knitting clubs, and making crafts

5. Windrush – assisted children with special needs during their horse riding lessons

6. REACH Drama – produced original skits out of life experiences to share with high school students

7. Homeless Ministry – created a safe space on the Boston Commons to share conversation and food with homeless friends

8. KIPP ESL class – helped immigrant adults practice their English language skills

9. Stand Up For Kids – built trust with homeless teenagers through regular visits and practical aid

10. Salvation Army Salem – built relationships with children through exercise routines, songs, Bible stories, and playing games

11. Salem Cyberspace - afterschool program for youth where students built relationship through tutoring and recreational activities

12. Art Haven - Students helped start relationship with Art Haven, a non-profit art center in downtown Gloucester, by serving at a craft table at the Home and Garden show and working with a weekend birthday party at the Main Street location.

  • 11 different placement sites for Gordon in Lynn SALTeams (Serve And Learn Teams) through the freshman Great Conversation course: 139 students gave 2606. 25 hours
  • 36 CB tutors and interns accumulated well over 1,500 hours of tutoring and mentoring this semester!
  • 8 Upper Level Classes did service-learning during the Spring + May term sessions: 89 students gave 1071 hours. The classes included: Janis Flint Ferguson, Intro to Education, Janis Flint Ferguson School and Society, Jo Kadlecek, Advanced Writing for Advertising and Public Relations, Jim Trent, Sociological Research, Peggy Hothem, Leisure and Society, Melissa Winchell, Urban Education
  • May Term: Moises Park, Hispanic Culture in America and Kaye Cook, Developmental Psych
  • In sum, over 340 students served nearly 6751 hours through the Office of Community Engagement!


  • On Thursday, April 28, thirty-six middle school and high school students from La Vida YES stepped off a school bus onto the campus of Gordon college, which was, for most of them, the first college campus they had ever visited... - Kristen Beebe, LaVida YES Intern
  • Jim Trent (SOC/SWK311) and Peggy Hothem (REC371) worked with a Lynn community partner researching Green-space initiatives in Lynn as part of an Obesity and Healthy Lifestyles grant. REC371 conducted best-practices research while SOC/SWK311 created and piloted two community surveys. - Jennifer Brink, Coordinator of ABSL
  • After 5 years, the Barton Hall residence in Lynn will be closing. Students can still live in Lynn on their own accord and for many doing internships and practicums, this is a very convenient option.


  • When we give ourselves fully to God’s work of justice, trying again each day, he uses that faithfulness – whether we see its fruits or not. If we believe that faithfulness to God is part of a good life, then we will continue to work towards justice, and even when it seems slow in coming, we will say “I will try again tomorrow." - Teresa Boone, Living Fields Intern
  • The most significant moments have been when our homeless friends have ministered to us as the college students. Through wisdom and advice, loving relationship, and opening up to share their stories, we have been privileged to be both givers and receivers. I personally enjoyed watching the changes in the individuals who participated as they grew to experience relationship and solidarity in a new way. Hearing their reflections has been enriching and encouraging. - Nina Voli, Outreach Team Leader
  • Spending time with the kids made me appreciate the simple things in life. They view the world so innocently and see the best in everyone. They get excited about the simplest things which reminds me that I need to cherish those little things in life that I often forget. - Nicole Turk, SALTeam member