Nonprofit Organization Management and Social Entrepreneurship Minor

Nonprofit Organization Management and Social Entrepreneurship at Gordon College

To better equip students called to work within the nonprofit sector, Gordon offers a minor in nonprofit organization management and social entrepreneurship. The minor augments students' work in their major area of study, providing them with an understanding of the function of nonprofit organizations in society and equipping them for work in the nonprofit sector. The minor will prepare students for a professional career in nonprofit organizations and for volunteer work in their communities, churches, and other ministries.

 This minor is not just for business majors! The minor's course load is designed to fit into the schedule of most Gordon students. The course work focuses on teaching and practicing business skills, providing a nonprofit focus to business students and understandable content for non-business students. The capstone of the minor is an internship at a nonprofit organization, where students get to opportunity to gain experience while serving an organization that matches with their own interests.

Academic Requirements

The requirements for the minor include the study of management theory and microeconomics, these two courses are provided by the Economics & Business Department. Foundational issues of nonprofit organizations are covered in the minor's introductory course, this course has no prerequisites and may be taken prior to any of the other courses. The first three courses are supplemented with two intermediate level nonprofit courses and the capstone of an internship with a nonprofit organization.

ECB201 Principles of Microeconomics
ECB245 Principles of Management
NPO205 Introduction to Nonprofits
NPO308 Resource Development in Nonprofits
NPO337 Financial Management of Nonprofits
NPO425 Nonprofit Internship

Nonprofit Course Descriptions:

NPO205 Introduction to Nonprofits
Explores foundational issues related to functions and responsibilities assumed by nonprofit organizations in the United States and around the world. Examines mission creation and governance of nonprofit organizations, relationships with government and for-profit sectors, and the unique role of nonprofit organizations in society.

NPO308 Resource Development in Nonprofit Organizations
Examines development of financial and human resources of nonprofit organizations. Considers issued related to alternative funding sources, grant-seeking and grant writing, constituent relations, public relations, management of volunteers, functions of governing boards, marketing of services, and employee recruitment, training, and motivation.

NPO337 Financial Management of Nonprofit Organizations
Develops an understanding of financial issues of nonprofit organizations, including operational and capital budgeting, financial analysis, cash flow management, endowment growth and investment decision making, program management, financial performance review, and reading and understanding financial reports.

NPO425 Internship
Experience with a nonprofit organization designed to give the student exposure to administrative functions of an organization operating within a field related to the student's major or other interests. Classroom discussion sessions and written assignments intended to demonstrate understanding of structure and operation of nonprofit organizations and accomplishments of the student.


Andrew P. Moore
Center for Nonprofit Studies and Philanthropy
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