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New Testament Concentration Courses

The New Testament concentration is part of the Biblical Studies major. The courses below list the general requirements for all Biblical Studies majors followed by the specific requirements for the New Testament concentration.


Students majoring in biblical studies are required to choose a concentration from:

  • General Biblical Studies
  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • Jewish Studies
  • Biblical Languages

In addition to the three core requirements (BCM 101, BCM 103 and BCM 308) the following courses are also required.

    Biblical Interpretation (8 credits):

    Theology (8 credits) fulfills core theology requirement:

    Note: Students in the biblical languages concentration may waive one theology requirement. 

    Seminar (4 credits) one of:

    New Testament Concentration

    Greek is recommended for the core foreign language requirement.

    Required courses:

    Old Testament (4 credits) one of:

    Department Electives

    Four credits of departmental electives.

      Biblical Studies

      Christian Ministries

      Minor in Biblical Studies

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