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Gordon College News Service

The Gordon College News Service is a multimedia news service providing news produced entirely by the GCNS Fellowship Program with a news perspective from the next generation of reporters.

Each semester, the Fellowship accepts three to five student interns to the program known as GCNS Fellows. Fellows create relevant, timely features and news stories through various media: print, audio podcast, video, and blog and from their perspective as the next generation of reporters. The stories are distributed to media outlets on the North Shore, in New England, and other online partners who subscribe for free.

The Gordon College News Service exists to provide:

  • a quality, free journalism service to established media outlets;
  • relevant stories for existing news outlets who are experiencing reduced staff because of the current economic state and shifting status of journalism; 
  • Fellows the opportunity to gain professional experience, clips and credibility;
  • the New England (and online) community additional content and diverse perspectives of news;
  • media outlets the viewpoint of college-age students, a missing and valuable demographic for reaching new clientele.

Find the latest news stories from the Gordon College News Service: http://newsservice.gordon.edu

For more information, contact Jo Kadlecek at 978.867.4752 or


Media Partnership Agreement (PDF)
For prospective media partners: subscribe to the Gordon College News Service.

GCNS Fellowship Application (PDF)
For students: have a passion for journalism? Apply to be a part of the GCNS Fellowship.

Press Release: GCNS (PDF)
For the media: a press release on the launch of the Gordon College News Service.