Private lesson

Private Study

As a music major, you will take applied lessons on your primary instrument. Over 30 full and part-time instructors are available to teach applied lessons to majors and minors weekly throughout the semester. These instructors are experienced performers, educators and composers from around the Boston area.

As part of your private study, you will complete:

  • Three performances during general recitals and/or musicianship classes throughout the semester
  • Two hours of daily practice for 1 hour lessons; 1 hour of daily practice for 1/2 hour lessons
  • A jury before the applied faculty at the end of the semester

Study focuses on building good technique, expression, musicianship, studying literature appropriate for your level of proficiency and establishing proper practice habits. Applied lessons are open to all students regardless of major, though non-music majors and music minors must receive permission from the Department of Music Office. Applied lessons may be taken for full or no credit and require a signed contract for registration.