Why do I need the Initial License for admission?
If you want to obtain your Professional License by completing the M.M.Ed. degree program, you need the Initial License first. Your state of residence may use different names for the various levels of licensure, so be sure to check the equivalencies. If you teach in a private school and want to earn your master's degree but do not intend to pursue professional licensure, this admission requirement may be waived.

My license says "Provisional with Advanced Standing." What does that mean?
The licensure terminology in Massachusetts has changed over the last few years. This license is the same as the Initial License.

I have a Preliminary License. Is that the same as Initial?
No, the Preliminary License is a temporary license that allows you to teach in the classroom until you can complete the requirements for initial licensure, and it does not make you eligible for the M.M.Ed. at Gordon College. Contact the Massachusetts Department of Education (DOE) to learn how you can earn your Initial License.

I don't have an undergraduate degree in music education. Can I still enroll in the M.M.Ed. program?
Under certain circumstances, yes. Equivalent degrees may be accepted, but you must have earned it from an accredited institution. Teaching experience is also considered as an important part of the admissions requirements, and applicants who have a number of years of demonstrated success as a music educator can be accepted to the program with provisional requirements.

What if my undergraduate GPA is lower than 2.85?
Your application will be considered if you have a low GPA, although you may be accepted provisionally until you can demonstrate the ability to maintain the minimum program GPA.

Can I be accepted without two years of experience?
Your application will be considered after one year of teaching in the music classroom if you exhibit exceptional teaching abilities in your admission video. No applicant will be considered without classroom experience.

Is the M.M.Ed. at Gordon approved by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education?
Yes, the program was evaluated by the Massachusetts DESE in April 2011. The M.M.Ed. leading to professional licensure was re-approved, and the state regulations for subject matter knowledge and professional standards for teachers were all met.

Do I have to take the GRE as a requirement for admission?
No, but the videotape of teaching and the essay on teaching philosophy will be evaluated very carefully, as well as your transcripts and letters of recommendation. We are looking for seasoned teachers who possess strong teaching skills.


2012-2013 Graduate Education Academic Catalogue (PDF)
Academic Catalogue for Master's Degree Programs and Licensure-Only Options