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The Mikado

Friday, January 24, 2014
Saturday, January 25, 2014
7 p.m., A. J. Gordon Memorial Chapel


THE MIKADO, Emperor of Japan Ben Tuck
NANKI-POO, his son, disguised as a wandering minstrel John Cunningham
KO-KO, Lord High Executioner of Titip Ryan Coil
YUM-YUM, ward of Ko-Ko, in love with Nanki-Poo Christiana McMullen
KATISHA, an elderly lady of the Mikado's court Mary Speta
POOH-BAH, Lord High Everything Else Daniel Alvarado
PISH-TUSH, a Noble Lord Jonmichael Tarleton
PITTI-SING, Yum-Yum's sister Emily DenBleyker
PEEP-BO, Yum-Yum's sister Jennifer Bobzin
GO-TO, a nobleman Alessio Tranchell
KITTYSHA, assistant to Katisha Marie Ware


CHORUS OF NOBLES AND GUARDS: David Alvarado, Dan Barbre, Colin Bradley, Drew Cleveland, Joel Estes, Michael Gaudio, Devereux Geiger, Alec Jones, Joshua Kaplan, Will Martin, Jacob Padilla, Jonathan Rowe, Nate Stowe, Alessio Tranchell 

CHORUS OF SCHOOL-GIRLS: Xiomara Diaz, Chloe Eaton, Dominique Gobeil, Cristin Gordon, Sarah Hand, Mary Jacobs, Joanna Martell, Hannah Pentico, Avery Peterman, Hannah Scaer, Jennie Segal, Megan Sideropolous, Sarah Stacey, Brianna Stine, Rachel Stigers, Ginny Walker, Marie Ware, Hilary Webster

RIBBON DANCERS: Cristin Gordon, Megan Sideropolous




Director: Jeffrey S. Miller
Music Director: Michael Monroe
Stage Manager: Kari-Lyn Mayne
Assistant Stage Manager: Hannah Logan
Production Manager: Matt Schwabauer 
Set Designer: Carissa Gerber
Lighting Designer: Eric Cade
Costume Designer: Christine Alger
Assistant Costume Designer: Ellie Dixon
Costume Manager: Hannah Pentico
Makeup Designer: Dominique Gobeil
Props Master: Molly Sidell 
Sound Board Operators: Linnet Walker and Amanda Marte-Cruz
Light Board Operator: B. David Chamberlain
Spotlight Operators: Isabella Isaac and Annika Schultz
Backstage Crew: Hannah Logan and Karli Swanson

The Carpentry A-Team

David Alvarado
Luke Miller
Jonathan Nitschke
Jessica Richmond
Hilary Webster

Special Thanks

Christine Labbe (headshots)
Pyeongjae Lee (videography and photography)
Jesse Torres (winter housing)
Chris Imming
Physical Plant
Grace Ulrich
Megan Sideropolous
Sarah Hand
Peter Morse
Greg Lowther



Violin I

Sarah Skinner*
Sophia Pellegrino
Rachel Burke
Jeannie Wooh

Violin II

Stephanie Marsh
Suzie Hager
Victoria Allison
HyoBeen Shin 


Christine Allison
Matthew Georges


Kate Harris*
Jeff Bianchine


Jonathan Waldron
Amy Belhumeur



Nicholas Southwick
Emily Bartz


Danielle Kunis


Marissa Smith
Juliann Booth


Kevin Schaefer


Hannah Fitzgerald
Briana Moonan


Kari Fillian
Willens Jean-Jules


Maddie Berner
Kevin Neil


Gordon Williams*

* mentor 




“Is this a time for airy persiflage?” Ko-Ko urgently exclaims late in Act II.

The real world is such a long way from the quaint and quirky town of Titipu, do we have the luxury of making this journey today?

Few writers give us such clever (and silly) lyrics or soaring melodies, few projects demand the best creative efforts of such a committed and gifted team of singers, actors, dancers, musicians, artists, designers and technicians and even fewer are the opportunities we have to stop, relax and revel in the simple beauty of song and story.

“Is this a time for airy persiflage?”

For a few delightful hours, it might be just the respite we need to prepare and refresh us to go back and do what needs doing way beyond Titipu!

Jeffrey S. Miller, Professor of Theatre Arts