Ken Martin Testimonials

Kenneth A. Martin, Ph.D.
Years at Gordon: 1977-1990

David Smith, class of 1979 were fresh out of grad school, and I think you taught us like we were grad students!I took Physical Chemistry--thermodynamics--with Dr. Martin. Why as a biology major I took Physical Chemistry, I don't know...guess I needed a challenge. The final exam was 200 points: the top score on it was 131. Yowza! you gave the top two scores A's--thanks! Thanks for pushing us: I don't think I EVER had a tougher course except perhaps neuroanatomy in med school!

Kathy (Harriman) Platz, class of 1982
I remember taking Physical Chemistry with Dr. Martin. There were only 2 of us in the class. Dr. Martin sat on one side of a table in the 'new' science/math building attached to Emery. Karen and I sat on the other side. While Dr. Martin would lecture and draw diagrams on a piece of paper, Karen and I would faithfully copy the diagrams--turning them in our heads from the upside down position in which we saw them, to right side up on our papers. Once, when he was finished drawing, Dr. Martin turned the paper right side up to us so we could copy more easily. We got so confused--we turned it upside down again so we could finish!!