Aerial view of Gordon College

The Local Community

Gordon College is located in the town of Wenham on the North Shore of Massachusetts. The campus is just two miles from the Atlantic Ocean and only 25 miles from Boston—one of the most historic cities of America and an exciting city filled with colleges, cultural institutions, shopping areas and entertainment centers. Come explore our vibrant location! We would love to welcome you for a campus visit. If distance makes it difficult to visit, be sure to take our virtual campus tour to explore Gordon College.

As a student at Gordon, you will experience all types of weather. Summer and early fall are warm, but winter brings very cold weather with temperatures between 0°C and 17°C. It is important that you bring warm clothing with you or purchase it when you arrive in the U.S. To check the local forecast, go to (type in Wenham, MA USA 01984). This site gives weather forecasts from around the world.

Museums and Historical Sites
Boston is filled with amazing places for you to explore. It is one of the best cities for learning about American history. There is also the Museum of Fine Arts, which is free to students; the Science Museum; the New England Aquarium; and many others. Local museums share maritime history and other interesting information about the area.

The North Shore also offers many fun activities. Whale watches, historical seaports, kayak excursions, apple orchards, rocky shores and sandy beaches are all available throughout the Cape Ann area.

Getting Off Campus
Gordon College offers a shuttle service to local grocery stores, pharmacies, the mall and one of the many nearby train stations, taking you straight into Boston. Many Gordon students have cars, so friends often go off-campus together. However, everything you need is right on campus—housing, food, classes and the Bookstore. A lot of activities—including academics, campus events, lectures, floor fellowships, dorm activities, ministries and clubs—don’t require transportation because they happen on campus.

Gordon's area guide to the North Shore.