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Lives Worth Leading

Lives Worth Leading™ expresses the essence and outcome of the Gordon experience. It defines the aspirations we share and embodies the Christian ideals we embrace. Other institutions may emphasize career preparation, networks, leadership skills, even the power of knowledge in a dynamic world. We take it one step further. After Gordon College, you will be better prepared for your future—as a better person. Education is transformation. At Gordon, we take it personally.

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A New Way of Talking About Gordon

Gordon is a place where the whole has always been greater than the sum of its parts. Innovative while indelibly connected to a storied tradition and a rich heritage. Rooted in faith while unafraid to ask and explore tough questions in a changing society. An institution of higher learning—and the community it comprises—is predictably sophisticated, nuanced, diverse and multilayered. At Gordon, we distill those qualities into three core ideas that capture our identity as well as our individuality:


Gordon's Mission

Gordon’s timeless mission links a faithful past with an expectant future, and drives all that we do as learners, leaders and Christ-followers.

Gordon College strives to graduate men and women distinguished by intellectual maturity and Christian character, committed to lives of service and prepared for leadership worldwide.

The Gordon Commission

Our mission articulates what we do. Our commission embodies how we do it. These three pillars of the Gordon experience are also visually expressed in our logo:

Gordon's Seal
Stretch the Mind
Deepen the Faith
Elevate the Contribution
Boston Skyline

Gordon's Location

Leveraging Boston's value as a popular destination for international visitors and a convenient base for worldwide engagement, we are committed to take Gordon to the world and bring the world to Gordon.

Map of Gordon's global reach

We are just north of Boston, the global hub of higher education. Greater Boston is a place of great intellectual activity and innovation because, quite literally, the world comes here to study. And, since Gordon is not far from the world’s financial and political capitals in New York City and Washington D.C., students have outstanding access and opportunity for real-world education as well as for starting a career.

The greater Boston area provides a wealth of professional development and career opportunities for students, even as it is also known for its rich history and traditions. As a campus just north of Boston, our location bridges rural and urban, offering a safe haven for personal mentoring while actively engaging the world through Boston and beyond.

Students crossing street in Boston
Students on Boston ferry
Students in front of Capitol building
Students in front of Zakim bridge in Boston
Outdoor class on Gordon's campus
Students and biology faculty in Gordon's wetlands
Gordon's athletics complex

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