Journal Routing

Full time faculty may request to receive current issues of a particular journal through the library's journal routing service. 

  • A list of print journals for each department or major is located on the Research Guide Web pages. Choose the research guide for your discipline and look for "print journals" on the page.
  • To sign up for journal routing, contact Erica Street e:  p: x4345
  • Guidelines
    • You may keep an issue for 4 to 7 days, and then send it to the next person on the routing list through campus mail. 
    • If there are no other names on the routing list, please return the journal to the Periodicals Office through campus mail.
    • Please note that most journals on display are not routed, to ensure timely access for all users
    • Unfortunately, routing cannot continue if issues are repeatedly kept beyond the 7 day limit. It is important that current journals be available for all to use. 


Contact the library: 978.867.4339 |