Irv Levy Testimonials

Irvin J. Levy, M.S.
Years at Gordon: 1985-present

Chad Hutcheson, class of 1993
I came by Gordon a few years ago on a business trip to Massachusetts. I walked around Emery Hall and was hoping to run into you. I'm not sure if you remember me, but I was one of the many Biology majors that at the time endured the required chemistry classes. I always enjoyed your enthusiasm and was always appreciative of your real world experience in industry that you shared with us.

Kelly Ilseman, class of 1998
I'm still glad you were my organic chemistry teacher. I've heard horror stories from my colleagues about their O. chem experiences. I has the opportunity to teach high school chemistry for a year at the South Shore Charter School; that was a fun experience! I have never known chemistry so well!

Anthony Michael Weed, class of 2003
Professor Levy is a one a kind teacher. His heart for God has always been transparent. He has always been an energetic professor and an excellent teacher. Much of his style I can see myself emulating for my own students. He is never too distant to lend a student help when they need it. I had the pleasure of attending the Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility in Pennsylvannia with Irv where he had the unfortunate chance of being called Ira. We all poked fun at the misfortune but all he could do was smile.

Mindy Hofsass,
class of 2004
I cannot help but recall how grateful I was to have such a great professor for Organic Chemistry. I've heard so many horror stories from friends at other schools about their class, and I can only shrug and say that my class was great, O. Chem was difficult but it's the professor that makes all the difference. Your patience and humor made the class, dare I say, Fun! Thank You.