LEAP Intern Application

Please fill out the following application and reference information before April 3, 2015. YOU ONLY HAVE 30 MINUTES TO COMPLETE THIS FORM! After that time, you will be bumped out of the system and all information will be lost.

La Vida LEAP Intern Application

1. Name (Last, First, Middle Initial):

2. Date of Birth (00/00/0000):

3. Cell Phone:

4. Email Address:

5. Are you interested in receiving 2 or 4 credits for this internship?

2 credits
4 credits
Not interested in receiving credit for internship

6. What has been your previous experience with La Vida?

7. Please describe why you are interested in doing this program?

8. What is your vision for what La Vida could offer to the student body?

9. What areas in your life are you seeking to grow and develop and how do you think the LEAP program could help you meet those goals?

10. How has your Christian faith grown in the past year?

11. REFERENCES: Please list your three references below. Make sure to include their name, address, phone number and relationship to you. You will need to send three people a link to the LEAP Staff Recommendation Form in order to complete your application. This link can be found on the Staff Opportunities page or in the application email sent by La Vida. These people should be familiar with your work and have been in a position to evaluate you in areas relevant to working at La Vida. Please no family. Possible recommenders include: coach, boss, youth pastor, RD, RA, Professor, Advisor, Mentor, Etc.

12. Do you have any questions at this point in time?

13. I have reviewed this application thoroughly. The information I have provided is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that my signature indicates my commitment to La Vida philosophies and policies, my willingness to adhere to them throughout the duration of my involvement with the program, as well as a commitment of 10 hours a week including weekly staff and mentor meetings.


14. Signature:

15. Date of Signature: (00/00/0000):