Nehemiah Crew

Why should I participate in the Nehemiah Crew?

The vision of the program is four-fold. To begin with, we would like to see students who have enjoyed and grown from their La Vida trip experience have an opportunity to give back to the program and help enrich the experiences of other participants. This is something that many participants have expressed interest in over the years, and something that La Vida would love to be blessed by.

Secondly, it is a strong desire of the La Vida ministry to have a chance to follow-up with La Vida trips, and continue challenging students to grow in their faith. It saddens us that we do not often have the opportunity to see participants again after their trip.

The third part of the program’s vision stems from a desire to continue introducing students to the concept of intentional community, and how we as Christians should be living, loving and growing together within intentional community settings. This is something that the La Vida staff examines and works at every summer, and something that we would love the opportunity to continue to dig into with former participants.

Lastly, we would love to use this program as a step towards future leadership in the La Vida program, or other ministry programs. It will be a great opportunity for students who are interested in ministry to “get their feet wet” by being a part of what goes on behind the scenes, and practicing technical and group leading skills.

To sum these goals up:

  • To assist Base Camp/summer program staff
  • Spiritual growth/development
  • Community: living, loving and growing with others
  • Step towards leadership in this program or other outdoor ministries

What does the Nehemiah Crew Program look like?

Nehemiah Crew takes place over the course of a full two-week La Vida session. Students will arrive on a Sunday evening, and stay until the next Saturday. They will be a part of helping Sherpas get ready for trips, helping and belaying participants through the ropes course, and doing various work projects around Base Camp.

Outside of Base Camp, they will be involved with service projects for New York State Rangers and/or the Saranac Lake community, and participate in a five-day canoeing and/or hiking trip.

Mixed throughout these activities will be daily personal quiet times, group devotional and debriefing times as well as worship and prayer with the Base Camp staff. There will be time for relaxation and recreation at the end of most base camp days (perhaps with some ice-cream involved . . . .) A more detailed schedule and packing list will be sent upon acceptance into the program.

Program Specifics:

After May 1st, a confirmation packet will be sent that will include a confirmation form, specifics of the session, release and medical forms and packing lists. The forms in this packet should be filled out and returned to the La Vida office by the end of the school year, along with the remaining balance.

Please contact , La Vida’s ADK director, if you have any further questions, or would like to try joining after the deadline. We will accept a maximum of eight Nehemiah Crew Program students, and if we need to deny a student acceptance because of space or for any other reason, the $100 deposit will be returned.