Group on mountain top

Why Expeditions?

  • Thousands of Gordon students have gone deeper in their relationship with Jesus Christ as they encountered him in his Creation and Christian community while on a La Vida Expedition.
  • Over two hundred American colleges, including every Ivy League school, run similar programs for incoming students.
  • Research on similar programs has demonstrated that participants grow in confidence, leadership, communication skills, self-concept, and awareness of their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Participants report entering college with a strong network of supportive relationships developed on their expedition.

Core Requirement:
Gordon's Core Curriculum requires an outdoor education experience plus two P.E. classes for graduation. The outdoor education requirement must be fulfilled during a student's first year at Gordon and may be met by participating in a La Vida Expedition at the beginning or end of the first year, as noted in the Academic Catalog. It may also be met by taking a Discovery or Concepts of Wellness course (the Concepts of Wellness course may be taken by approved medical petition only).

La Vida was powerful in that it challenged me to stretch myself and allowed me to develop a community that can now transition in my college life.
—Lauren Martin

La Vida has shown me that I can endure and succeed in challenges much tougher than I ever thought I could.
—Nathan Landis

I have grown in my faith while getting to know my fellow classmates, and while hiking through God’s amazing creation. During La Vida I was able to reconnect with God and rekindle my faith, while growing in my overall knowledge of how we are called to love others with God’s love.
—Jacob Curran

God taught me a lot about challenging myself and taking the easy or comfortable way. He demonstrated that he can truly satisfy and I never have to feel lonely when I’m alone with him.
—Rachel Safer

It has pushed me physically and taught me perseverance and total trust in God.
—Mallory Moench