Activity and Training Center

La Vida's new Activity & Training Center (ATC) was constructed with the purpose of creating an indoor space that our programs could rely on during inclement weather. The ATC will be used for activities such as Discovery classes, Adventure Camp groups, trainings/seminars, teambuilding/low ropes activities, and other large group events such as staff recruitment meetings, parties and Adventure Camp celebrations.

Reservation Request for La Vida Space on Campus

Please fill out this form if you are a Gordon College faculty or staff member interested in reserving the La Vida Adirondack Room or the La Vida Activity and Training Center for a Gordon College related event. You should submit your request a minimum of 3 days prior to your event. Submitting this form does not confirm your reservation. You will receive a confirmation email from to let you know if your request is approved or not.

1. Name

2. Email

3. Gordon College Extension

4. Cell Phone

5. Department

6. What staff or faculty member will be present? (Students cannot reserve the ADK Room without a staff or faculty member present.)

7. Gordon College budget account number to be billed. (If you are a non-Gordon group, please contact us to make payment arrangements.)

8. Do you wish to reserve the La Vida Adirondack Room or the La Vida Activity and Training Center

ADK Room

9. If you are requesting to use the ATC, please provide us with your prox #. This is located on the back of your ID. It is the first 5 digits of the bottom right number.

10. Full description of the activities that will take place during your event

11. Date of Event (MM-DD-YYYY)

12. What is the start and end time of your event? You will only be charged for the time of event, not set up or clean up.

13. What time will you arrive for set up?

14. What time will you finish cleaning up?

15. Number of People

16. Will you be serving a meal? Please note that you cannot cook in the kitchen but you can bring prepared food in to serve using your own paper plates and utensils.


17. Will you be charging for this event? Our normal fee structure would be modified if you are charging for the event.


18. If yes, how much are you charging per person?

19. By submitting this form, you assume responsibility for any damages to Gordon College property and for clean-up. If repairs or additional clean-up by College personnel is necessary, the sponsoring department will be billed. La Vida has priority use of the office and ATC building. In the event of inclement weather, our Discovery classes or Adventure Pursuits groups may need to use the indoor space. If this happens, you will be contacted as soon as possible to find other meeting space arrangements. Do you agree to these terms?