Activity and Training Center

La Vida's new Activity & Training Center (ATC) was constructed with the purpose of creating an indoor space that our programs could rely on during inclement weather. The ATC will be used for activities such as Discovery classes, Adventure Camp groups, trainings/seminars, teambuilding/low ropes activities, and other large group events such as staff recruitment meetings, parties and Adventure Camp celebrations.

ATC Reservation

Before you fill out this form, please make sure that you have spoken with the La Vida Center about availability and guidelines for use of the ATC.

1. Contact Name

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4. Full description of the activities that will take place during your event

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8. Repeating Event Details Please only fill in if this is a repeating event otherwise leave this area blank.

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11. Budget Account Number (Gordon College Departments Only)

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13. Will admission be charged for this event? If so, how much?

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15. How would you like to pay your $100 deposit?

Check (made out to Gordon College)
Credit Card by calling 978-867-4111
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16. Event planner's acknowledgement By submitting this form the sponsoring organization/department assumes responsibility for damages to Gordon College property and for clean-up. The sponsoring organization/department agrees to pay for any special services provided by campus departments. In addition, the sponsoring organization/department agrees to comply with all Fedral, State, local and campus laws and code. If repairs or additional clean up by College personnel is necessary, the sponsoring organization/department will be billed. Submitter's Name: