ADK Group Application

2015 ADK Group Application

To reserve dates for a group patrol, send in a nonrefundable $250 registration deposit for each group. A second participant confirmation fee of $100 per participant ($600 minimum) must reach the La Vida Office by April 1 to confirm your dates and qualify you for a 5 percent discount. *Groups that do not confirm their patrol with the confirmation fee by April 1 will risk the possibility of forfeiting their dates. Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Group Size: A group leader may register for one or more patrols of six to ten participants per patrol. Each group will travel separately with two La Vida Sherpas.

1. Organization, Church, School or Group Name:

2. Group Leader Name:

3. Mailing Address:

4. City:

5. State:

6. Zip code:

7. Group Leader's Office Phone:

8. Group Leader's Cell Phone:

9. Group Leader's Email:

10. I'd like to reserve space for a backpacking patrol.


11. I'd like to reserve space for a canoeing patrol.


12. How many total people do you plan will participate on this wilderness trip?

13. How many separate groups would you like the above number split into?

14. Dates desired:

15. Alternate Dates:

16. Do you have any questions or comments for the ADK Director at this time?