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Pre-medicine Concentration

One thing medical schools are certainly looking for is a well-rounded student. It is therefore important to incorporate a balance of science courses, which will help you do well on admission exams, with non-science courses that will help shape you into a more well-rounded, informed, and compassionate person.

This is one advantage of a liberal arts education and a small school environment; all Gordon graduates have opportunities to study a wide variety of subjects within the liberal arts and get to know their professors closely. Medical school admissions committees seek well balanced students whose minds are open to a broad range of ideas, not simply focused on science alone.

The Pre-Medicine concentration prepares students to apply to Medical School. The concentration requirements can be satisfied by taking the following courses in addition to the Kinesiology major courses:

  • BIO 150 Biology I: Cells and Genetics
  • BIO 151 Biology II: Animal Biology
  • CHE 112 Principles of Chemistry II
  • CHE 211 Organic Chemistry II
  • CHE 212 Organic Chemistry II
  • PHY 120 or 122 Introductory Physics II or General Physics II
  • MAT134 Survey of Calculus
  • Two semesters of writing
  • Health Professions Seminars I-IV (taken in sophomore and junior years)

It is highly recommended that students participate in research to supplement their experience. Research projects are arranged in collaboration with the student's academic advisor or course professors.

No, any Gordon College student can complete the Pre-Medicine concentration. Additional courses required for the concentration that are met by the Kinesiology major requirements are:

  • CHE 111 Principles of Chemistry I
  • PHY 119 or 121 Introductory Physics I or General Physics I
  • MAT 220 Biostatistics

 Additional Kinesiology courses that are of value to Pre-Medicine students are:

  • BIO/KIN 213 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIO/KIN 214 Human Anatomy and Physiology II

Visit the Health Professions webpage for more information.