Pre-Medicine Track

One thing medical schools are certainly looking for is a well-rounded student. It is therefore important to incorporate a balance of science courses, which will help you do well on admission exams, with non-science courses that will help shape you into a more well-rounded, informed, and compassionate person.

This is one advantage of a liberal arts education and a small school environment; all Gordon graduates have opportunities to study a wide variety of subjects within the liberal arts and get to know their professors closely. Medical school admissions committees seek well balanced students whose minds are open to a broad range of ideas, not simply focused on science alone.

The Pre-Medicine Track is part of the Health Professions Concentration (which is open to ALL majors) and prepares students to apply to Medical School. In addition to completing the Kinesiology major courses, students are required to complete the Pre-Medicine Track courses. These courses will provide the majority of the pre-requisites for Medical School. It is imperative that students work closely with their advisors in meeting the specific pre-requisites of the program choice as these do vary somewhat.