Peter Iltis Testimonials

Peter W. Iltis, Ph.D.
Years at Gordon: 1983-present

Angela (Pasqualicchio) Smith, class of 1990
Dr. Iltis was my advisor, my mentor and, although he may not realize it, a major part of how I came to work with people with disabilities. To this day, I have kept a note he wrote me as I was starting an internship with a noted colleague of his. In it, he gently but firmly reminded me this was an excellent opportunity, but that I must stay "focused on my responsibilities", not only for my benefit, but for the benefit of future Gordon interns. Then he wrote, "if it sounds like I'm trying to put pressure on you, you are absolutely correct. No more mister nice guy! ...and don't forget, I love you in Christ!"

Mindy Hofsass, class of 2004
I won't ever forget my experiences at Gordon. I am so thankful that I was able to take french horn lessons with you and gain from your knowledge. There's a reason Jess and I referred to you as "The Good Doctor!" It was a lot of fun participating in the testing for your research too. Good 'ol electrodes and "Bolero" excerpt! Through my time there, I was so blessed to have you for a teacher, mentor, and friend. Thank You!