Housing Selection

Housing Selection Process for the 2014–2015 School Year

This year the housing process for non-apartment buildings will be done in three stages. The process will proceed as follows:

1. Room Reservation (also known as squatting): You can reserve the room you live in currently, as long as you have a designated roommate(s) to live with you. The appropriate number of people must reserve the room (i.e. two people for a double, three for a triple, etc.). Suites (Chase or Fulton) can only be reserved one room at a time. Suites and singles in the HUD halls, Ferrin, and Nyland cannot be reserved during this stage. Current room reservation will occur on Monday, April 28 with your current Resident Director (RD). You and your roommate(s) must be registered for classes to participate.

2. Reserve and Appeal: After you and your roommate(s) have reserved your current room (i.e. squatted), you may submit an appeal with your RD for another room or floor in your current building, or another building. Appeals will be granted at the discretion of the RD and the housing office. This will take place during room reservation on Monday, April 28. You will be notified if your appeal is approved or denied by your RD no later than Wednesday, April 30. You and your roommate(s) must be registered for classes to participate.

3. Lottery: All students who do not participate in room reservation or "reserve and appeal" will be required to attend the lottery night. Each student will be assigned a random number and will sign up (with their roommate, if they have one) for any open room on campus (except for apartments and living/learning centers). This will occur on Thursday, May 1. *Those who cannot attend the lottery night must assign someone to be their proxy. You will need to fill out a proxy form, available in CSD, by Tuesday, April 29. The proxy will be authorized by CSD to act on your behalf in picking your room. In preparation for the lottery night, you need to do the following:

  1. Make sure your housing deposit is paid to Student Financial Services
  2. REGISTER for Fall classes
  3. Have in mind the halls/rooms you would like to live in next year
  4. Check out the Gordon Roommate Search 2014 facebook page to find a potential roommate


Be sure to view the Housing Selection Flow Chart for additional information!