Hong Kong Summer Finance


Summer 2016:

Internships: June 10–August 13
Courses: mid-June –August 13

  • ECB247 Principles of Financial Management
  • ECB372 Investment Analysis

Hong Kong, Pearl of the Orient, is one of the world's most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities. It has long been the gateway to China, which now rivals the U.S. in economic and political power worldwide. By collaborating with the Hang Seng Management College (HSMC), Gordon College is excited to offer students a unique opportunity to do internships and also take classes for six weeks in this bustling city, where the traditional and the cutting-edge coexist and visitors come back again and again to savor its cultural and culinary diversity. This cost-effective course & internship opportunity in Hong Kong is a unique offering to students among Christian liberal arts colleges and most other higher education institutions in the U.S.

Students should arrive on Thursday, June 9, 2016. Students should plan to depart on August 13 or 14, 2016.

Please note that a limited number of students in fields other than Business Administration and Finance will be accepted for the internship opportunities in Hong Kong without taking either of the courses offered.


Program faculty and students will be housed in the dormitory of HSMC. Classes will be conducted in HSMC's classrooms.

Weekend activities may include visits to Hong Kong's many interesting districts and world-famous tourist spots such as Macau. Students will have opportunities to explore Hong Kong and its environs independently as well. 


Internship program participants may join students of HSMC to take one of the two finance courses taught by Prof. Alice Tsang, CFA, MBA, Professor in the Practice of the Economics and Business Department and Director of Global Partnerships.

ECB247 Principles of Financial Management: (4 credits) Students are introduced to basic concepts of financial management and the roles played by financial managers. Topics covered include financial statement analysis, cash flows, time value of money, capital budgeting and major securities used in corporate finance.

ECB372 Investment Analysis: (4 credits) This course provides students with a basic understanding of financial instruments, investment theories and the investment environments of both the U.S. and Hong Kong. Students will acquire a balanced knowledge of both investment theory and practice. They will have many opportunities to apply investment theories and computer skills to tackle investment problems and participate in an investment analysis contest.

Internship: (0 credit) Arranged by the Hong Kong-America Center. While 0-credit internships require less formal reporting, reporting and participation in internship discussions are still required.


Program costs include tuition as applicable, lodging, visa and internship fees, and entrance fees and travel arranged by faculty for a group. An initial "octopus" (or metro) card loaded with a balance of several hundred dollars will also be provided. Students participate in one 4-credit ECB course and 0-credit internship (4 credits total): $5850

Please note: costs do not include round-trip airfare, meals, or on-the-ground transportation to and from internship sites (after the initial balance on the octopus card is expended). Estimated costs (not billed by Gordon) for flights, food for 45 days (average at $16 per day) and on-the-ground transportation: $2100. Students are responsible for independent travel costs and all personal out-of-pocket expenses.

A $30 non-refundable application fee and a $450 program deposit** must accompany the application. The remainder will be billed to student accounts. The student should talk to their counselor in Student Financial Services. (**The program deposit will be refunded if the course does not run or if a student is not accepted.) 


The total number of students participating in this program is limited to 20. Students with strong interest in this study/internship program should contact Professor Tsang as soon as possible to obtain instructions on procedures for internship placement. All application materials listed below must be received by December 18, 2015.

  • Complete online application (link available to Gordon students only)
  • Email Prof. Alice Tsang at specifying the option for which you are applying
  • Submit a non-refundable $30 application fee
  • Submit a $450 program deposit (deposit will be returned if course does not run or if student is not accepted)
  • Completed resume to be emailed to

If accepted, students will need to be able to provide the following (for visa purposes) by FEBRUARY 15:

  • 3 months' bank statements showing a minimum monthly bank balance of US $1,500. OR
  • Students who cannot provide such bank statements may provide 3 months' bank statements of parents with a minimum monthly balance of US $3,000, along with a letter of support from their parents/guardians.

Please begin collecting this information as you begin your application. Note: black out all private account/routing numbers on both sides of the copies of all statements. 


For further information contact:
Global Education Office
P 978 867 4399

Prof. Alice Tsang
Professor in the Practice, Economics and Business Department, Director of Global Partnerships
Frost Hall 329
P ext. 4582