Health Professions Tracks

Serving in health professions is a demanding but rewarding pursuit, and students bound for the required post-graduate training must complete an appropriate program of study to be competitive. Students may apply for these graduate programs after completing any major, and the Health Professions Program is designed to assist students in choosing and completing the major that best matches their interests while meeting established prerequisites that are unique to each diverse field. 

While these tracks do list the essential courses required by most programs, the student and advisor shall work together to ensure that requirements for particular programs of interest are included. Additionally, a two-year sequence of seminars, required for some tracks, and recommended for others, further prepares students through readings, discussion of ethical issues, and visits with physicians, medical students, researchers and other health professionals.

Students contemplating the health professions are encouraged to first consider the major they would like to study. The catalog has ample descriptions of each as well as specific course descriptions. Historically, biology, chemistry and kinesiology have been popular choices because of the relationship of each to different aspects of health care, but any major could potentially be considered. We encourage students to first contact various departments for the major they are considering and to examine the descriptions of each major in this catalog. In addition, Dr. Craig Story, Director of Health Professions, can be contacted for more specific information.