John Haugh Testimonials

John F. Haugh, Ph.D.
Years at Gordon: 1967-1974

Donna (Andrews) Cullen, class of 1971
Dr. Haugh mentored upperclassmen by having them monitor our freshman chemistry labs. Nevertheless, he was usually strolling through the lab drinking coffee from a beaker. I always had the sense he loved chemistry but even more he loved his students and the abilty to awaken them to the principles of chemistry. Dr. Haugh was obviously intelligent with a manner that allowed even the shyest to absorb his instruction without intimidation. Having worked on a secular campus for more than 30 years, it is even more apparent now that the man behind the coffee beaker was walking with God. Thanks Dr. Haugh!

David Hall, class of 1977
I really enjoyed Dr. Haugh's classes. He was quiet, but wily.
"Dr. Haugh, at this point in the problem, do you multiply or divide?"
Dr. Haugh: "The answer is...Yes. You either multiply or divide."
Student: "But which is it? Multiply of divide?!"
Dr. Haugh: "That is what you have to figure out."
He would drive us crazy, but in the end he always helped us out.