Grandparent Information Form

The Alumni and Parent Relations Office is looking forward to hosting Gordon's 3rd Annual Grandparents Day on May 1, 2015! This year's program is still under construction, but will include a variety of ways to learn more about the place your grandchild(ren) call their school home, including campus tours, a special convocation service, and fine arts offerings.

For more information, visit:

So that we can invite all our students’ grandparents to this special event, please enter their contact information below, as well as the ID number of the student with whom they're connected. The College is not able to give out student ID numbers to anyone but the student, so you will most likely have to get in touch with your student directly. We apologize for the inconvenience, but hope it provides an opportunity for a quick "Hello!"

Please contact the Alumni and Parent Relations Office with questions at or 978.867.4238.

Grandparent Information Form

Invite your grandparents to participate in the Gordon College Experience! Please enter their information below so that we may keep them informed of Gordon College events and information:

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